7 Tips for Building an Exceptional Website

Increase sales, improve engagement & build exceptional online experiences.

7 Tips for Building an Exceptional Website
  1. Consistent Experience Across All Devices and Browsers

    A website should function consistently and seamlessly across all devices.
    A website should scale and adapt smoothly to various screen sizes.
    Search engines also factor mobile-friendly websites into their ranking.

  2. Simplicity Is the Ultimate Sophistication

    A website should be the equivalent of an elevator pitch.
    Website copy should be brief, punchy, and relevant to users.
    Describe details in the “Read More” link at the end.

  3. Clear Calls to Action

    It should be obvious what action users need to take next.
    Challenge or motivate users to take action.
    Call to Action button should be repeated above the fold and in the center of the website and again and again as users scroll down the page.

  4. Content-Flow Is King?

    Deliver new information in an engaging way or from a different perspective. Introduce new forms of content such as video, image, or audio.
    Choose relevant channels based on targets’ behaviors and preferences.
    Search engines also rank recently updated sites and content higher.

  5. Utilize Hick’s Law

    Hick’s Law states that the time it takes to make a decision increases with the number and complexity of choices.
    Simplify and minimize choices on the website. Reduce the number of menu items, form fields, and popups. Pursue one goal per page and avoid distracting users.

  6. Scrolling Over Clicking

    Users prefer scrolling over clicking. Scrolling is the most intuitive type of navigation for any digital experience.
    Scrolling is faster and creates a superior experience on touch screen devices.
    Clicks require users to make a decision, placing clicks too early in their journey can be a deterrent.

  7. Secure Your Website With HTTPS

    Users expect a secure and private experience when using a website.
    HTTPS ensures the protection, integrity, and privacy of the data exchanged between the user's computer and the site.
    Search engines also factor HTTPS adoption into their ranking.

  8. Bonus | Speed Matters

    Web users expect a website to load under 4 seconds. Reduce image sizes, remove plugins, and minimize the amount of data that needs to be downloaded by users.
    Search engines also factor website loading speed into their ranking.