4 Strategies to Improve Ecommerce Experience

Increase sales, retention rate, and conversion rate. Reduce abandonment rate and win customers’ loyalty.

4 Strategies to Improve Ecommerce Experience - Bornite Inc
  1. Effective Security and Privacy

    Concerns about payment security and identity theft are the number one reasons for cart abandonment.
    To build a foundation of trust in interactions with customers, implement effective security solutions.
    Display your Trust Seals on your website and the checkout page.

  2. Offer Free Shipping

    Unexpected costs like shipping, taxes, and fees are often the biggest obstacle in completing online purchases.

    Offering free shipping can amplify retention rate, reduce abandonment rate, and increase conversion rate.

    Be sure to let customers know exactly how much they are saving.

  3. Simplify Checkout Process

    Consider removing the need for users to sign up. Give customers the guest checkout option.
    Avoid asking customers to provide repetitive or unnecessary information.

    Simplify and minimize steps on the checkout page. Each step should be short, with one clear CTA to continue to the next step.

  4. Restore Abandoned Cart

    Two-thirds of all abandoned carts are recoverable through cart and checkout optimizations.

    Offering promotions via email or pop-up to first-time abandoners is a great way to recover the lost revenue.
    It is also an excellent tool for discovering obstacles in the customer journey.

  5. Bonus | Support Customers

    Add Live Chat, FAQ Page, phone number, and email.
    Live chat can help you discover common problems with your site or common customer concerns.
    Create an FAQ page to answer the majority of these concerns. Include delivery, returns, and refund information.